What we’re about

Learning Tapestry provides innovation and infrastructure solutions to support learners and educators. We solve hard problems in complex digital learning environments. Our partners rely on us to understand technology and learning to provide solutions that work.  Content search system won’t talk with your learning management system?  Assessment system won’t talk with your student information system?  We have solved these challenges using open source software. Too often in education, digital systems won’t work well together. Learning Tapestry brings our expertise, experience, and ingenuity to create solutions for problems that might seem intractable.

Learning Tapestry has developed open-source, infrastructure components that support learning across an array of digital environments. Our content discovery engine searches through large collections of standards-aligned open education resources (OER). Our analytics engine provides reports to educators on how individual learners are using that content to support academic goals.  We provide our technology as open-source to drive innovation in ed tech and allow for long-term solution flexibility without product lock-in.  Our partners work with us because we are effective, not because they are locked in to our software licenses. Please see our GitHub profile for working examples of our open-source components.

Our technology and implementation teams consists of world-class experts covering all major technology platforms and languages.  We bring project managers, software engineers and UX/UI designers from diverse backgrounds to invent, adapt, and deliver creative solutions, quickly and cost-effectively.

Learning Tapestry is founded and operated by Steve Midgley and Jason Hoekstra, with each over 20 years of experience in building technology platforms, and serving the K-12 education domain. Steve and Jason have both led national ed-tech initiatives at the U.S. Department of Education and the FCC, and are current advisors to national education-focused non-profits and product companies. Learning Tapestry has offices in San Francisco Bay and Washington, D.C. areas.


Learning Tapestry is improving education by connecting existing learning environments transparently. Educators and administrators are too often forced to log into and learn new, unfamiliar search, dashboard and learning products: Our mission is to connect the educational digital ecosystem, so every tool works well alongside others.

What we can do for you

Learning Tapestry provides:

  • Education technology integration
  • Product/system design and implementation
  • Technology design and management
  • “CTO on demand” services

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